I believe in one simple idea.

"Never, never, never give up" - Winston Churchill

I am a serial entrepreneur, designer, photographer, and developer with a passion for innovative businesses. I've founded, co-founded, and worked with multiple startups over the years and continue to run my own design agency with a small team located in Boulder, Colorado to this day.

Entrepreneurship, design of all sorts, and innovation are the things that I am the most passionate about. Building innovative businesses allows for a near infinite amount of impact on the world and that is one of the sole reasons that I am involved entrepreneurship. My first venture into this land was a small photography business in high school focusing in senior portraits. This is where I had my first taste of the potential that building a business has and the level of difficulty of doing it well.


Dan Strangfeld Photo

My first venture into running and operating a business. Learned lots, and still doing it today with both individual and commercial clients.


Photographer's Forum: 4th Place

I was lucky enough to place 4th out of 16,000 photo entries around the nation in the Spring Photographer's Forum competition.


App Developer

Ventured into the land of programming with Unity and C# with 6 published apps to both IOS and Android.


Grub Grab: The First Startup

My very first startup was founded by a friend and I looking to create a way for students to find free food around campus.


Entrepreneur House

Founded with the idea that you should surround yourself with people who push you to be better on a daily basis.


Shoplot: Reinventing Retail

During the spring of 2019, I co-found a venture that looked to connect businesses with vacant retail spaces to open affordable pop-up stores.


Friday Industries

The most recent and already most successful venture. Friday Industries helps businesses optimize their online presence through web, social, and content creation.


KS Distribution

After forming an engineering team in a projects course, we set out to redesign the traditional keg to reduce distribution costs. We're still going strong and have a team of 10 working to build the company.