April 18, 2022
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Pitch Deck Handbook: Business Model Slide


The Business model slide is where you help investors gain clarity on how you make money. It includes; revenue models, unit economics, and who you are selling to. This slide is typically placed after the Solution Slide or the Why Now Slide.

Sample Business Model Slide

Purpose of the Business Model Slide

“Money loves clarity” — Rob Dyrdek

This saying sums up what you need to be aiming for when talking about anything involving money in your pitch. If the investors don’t understand how your business makes money, they sure as hell won’t be giving you any.

The purpose of the Business Model Slide is to help investors gain clarity on how your business makes money.

Info and Content to Include

Should be included in the Business Model Slide:

  • Type(s) of models: B2C, B2B, etc.
  • Revenue per sale of your solution (Unit economics)
  • Who you are selling to

Can be included in the Business Model Slide:

  • Net Profit and/or Gross Margin
  • CAC
  • LTV (CLV)

Business Model Slide Locations in a Pitch Deck

Potential Locations:

Find more slides and learn more about the Pitch Deck Handbook here.

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Pitch Deck Handbook: Roadmap Slide

The Roadmap Slide helps investors gain clarity on where you have been, where you are, and where you are going with your company. This slide should include a timeline with; What you have done, what you are doing, what you will be doing, and simplistic date ranges in which these things will happen in. Typically, the Roadmap Slide is either located after the Market Slide or after the Traction Slide.

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