April 26, 2022
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Pitch Deck Handbook: Competitive Advantage Slide


The Competitive Advantage Slide (Also can be referred to as “Moat”) is a place to sum up the reasons why competitors can’t beat you right now or in the future. It can contain content such as; patents, market capture, etc. Typically it is located after the Traction Slide or the Business Model Slide.

Competitive Advantage (Moat) Slide Example

Purpose of the Competitive Advantage Slide

After you introduce your world changing solution, the question of “why can’t someone just copy them” will pop into investor’s heads.

Something that you should be thinking about when building your deck is what questions will be triggered by the content that you are presenting. A big part of your job is to answer those questions before they even leave the investor’s mouth.

The purpose of the Competitive Advantage Slide is to provide a summary of what your competitive advantage / moat is which competitors will have a hard time getting around.

Info and Content to Include

Can be included in the Competitive Advantage Slide:

  • Patents
  • Market differentiation
  • etc. (Anything that proves you have a “moat” around your business and how will continue to grow that moat)

Competitive Advantage Slide Locations in a Pitch Deck

Potential Locations:

Find more slides and learn more about the Pitch Deck Handbook here.

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