November 2018
Ongoing Project


These flyers were designed to advertise every concert along with all of their details for the Colorado Symphony Classic Series. They needed to be designed so that they could also be used as posters as well as a piece of advertisement for the series.

Flyer V1: Front


The design for this project had to be element, simple, and easily understandable. I started by testing color schemes with the pairing of fonts and eventually landed on two color schemes and one font pairing. This lead to two final designs.

By far the most difficult part of this process was figuring out how the symphony and their information on the back should be organized in order to be understandable. Each symphony listing included the title of the concert, the date and time, pieces, conductors, and a description of the piece.

Flyer V1: Rear
Flyer V1: Rear Detail
Flyer V2: Front
Flyer V2: Rear