Ongoing Project

The Founding

The Entrepreneur House (E House) was born out of the idea that you should surround yourself with not only the right people, but ones who push you to be better on a daily basis. I co-founded this project with a good friend and it started with simply finding a house in which we could turn into a startup haven with whiteboards covering the walls and where not only ideas are thrown around, but action is taken on those ideas.


Since then, we have expanded the E House beyond its physical walls into a group of driven and successful individuals who actively help one another to succeed. We've enlisted multiple New Venture Challenge winners, mentors, and entrepreneurs in the Boulder area.

Image by: Jakob Dalbjörn


Like I said before, one of the main objectives of this group is to not just have "idea people," but people who take action on their ideas.

  • 6 ventures founded in house
  • 2019 NVC finalists
  • Companies within E House raised over $1 million in the 2018 - 2019 year
  • 167 customer development interviews conducted
  • Immeasurable forward progress

The Future

This project and network has provided immense value thus far and will continue to expand its efforts in the future to find new members and offer more value.

If you would like to join the E House, please visit our website: