Ongoing Project

Our Mission

Optimize businesses presence and online recognition.

Friday Industries was founded in July of 2019 with the passion to optimize businesses presence through brand refinement, web development, social media growth, and content creation. This simple formula for improving the presence of businesses allows us to be hyper effective at what we do for our clients.

Brand Refinement

Branding is the core element that will build customer loyalty. It is how your customers perceive, interact with, and talk about your business. A bad brand can break a good business. Your brand should be a reflection your business's values and this should be clearly communicated to your customers. We have spent years mastering how to help businesses create a brand around themselves that is timeless and communicates who they are to every customer that they have.

We do this with the following strategies:

  • A thorough study of your current business to understand every aspect
  • Unified colors, fonts, and messaging across all platforms
  • Strategy development to help everyone in your business understand your brand

Web Optimization

Your web presence is arguably one of the most important factors for success in today's world. Your business will be subconsciously judged in under 10 seconds by people browsing the internet looking for goods or services similar to that of your company's. This initial contact is crucial and we make sure that it is done right.

We do this through a few key elements:

  • Website development: Eye catching, informative, engaging, and high in the search rankings.
  • Content marketing: Modern SEO relies heavily on how someone finds and interacts with your site. We help you reach the right audience and hook them in.
  • Google business listing: How your website appears in search and what elements it includes is crucial to not only SEO, but also to give potential customers a quick glance at what you offer.

Social Optimization

Social Media is where you can make or break your relationship with potential customers and current ones. To do it well, it requires time, attention to detail, and a seamless plan to use it well. Luckily, we have experts in house who understand the ins and outs of social media management and growth. How do we do it?

  • Interesting and targeted posts for your audience
  • Engage with your customers to help them feel connected to and know that they are cared about by your company
  • Growth tactics to target an audience that will not only enjoy your content, but likely your products and services

Content Creation

Content creation is the final pillar of optimizing online presence. Without great content, it is impossible to have a good web or social media presence. We work with you to understand everything about your customer and business in order to create the best content possible for them. The team at Friday Industries has years of experience creating engaging, eye catching, and useful content for a variety of industries.

  • Branding: Effective brands build trust with their customers through every touch point in the relationship
  • Graphic Design: From logo design to ads
  • Photography and Cinematography: High quality and professional every time

The Pinnacle of Presence

Brand refinement, web optimization, social optimization, and content creation are the four keys to having a great online presence. Our passion is to help businesses be the best that they can be in the online world.

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