April 2019
Ongoing Project

About GRID

GRID is an application aimed at solving these problems for photographers:

  • Keeping track of all of their favorite photo locations
  • Finding new photo locations
  • Gaining exposure on social media

Photographers have a common problem of constantly having to find new locations for shoots and then remembering where a certain one is when its needed. GRID allows them to add locations to a map and share them with everyone, or keep them private.

In order to incentivize them to add more locations publicly, GRID hosts location and time based competitions where photographers compete to take the best photo in each grid "tile" in a limited time. This also fixes their third problem of not getting noticed on social media because of how modern day algorithms work on these platforms. Everyone can go and vote on photos, which are anonymous, taken in each tile. At the end of the time period, the photo in each grid tile with the most votes wins and is featured at the end of the competition along with the runners up.

My Role

My primary role in GRID was to create the initial branding and then the UI/UX for the application. Photographers have a natural sense for good, intuitive design, so GRID needed to attended to that. Through customer development interviews, the other thing that we learned that would be needed in the design would be that it would have to smoothly integrate into their daily life and be incredibly simple to use.

These constraints lead to a design in Version 1 with minimal interactions, a simple color scheme, and intuitive actions. After the pivot to a competition based app, the entire brand had to be built again from scratch along with the interface in order to align with a more competitive and futuristic feel. For all of the designs and mockups, I used Adobe Illustrator to create the graphics and Adobe XD to put together the prototype.

Version 1

The sole features in the first iteration of the design of GRID was to make an application that allowed photographers to share and find locations. There was no competition aspect involved.

Version 2

After the realization that there was to little of an incentive to add locations to the map, the team needed to come up with a way to get photographers to do this.

In order to fix this problem, a gamification aspect was added. The drive to use GRID would primarily come from the entertainment and chance for fame through location and time based photography competitions.

The branding for this new application had to be based around a competitive, social, and modern feeling. A dark background with bright color pops was chosen for the color scheme and the other assets including the UI and logos were built after laying the foundation for all of the designs.

Version 2's UI/UX needed to be first built off of the competition features of the app as that was the core value proposition this time around.