October 2019
Ongoing Project


Vision 2020 is building a camera that can analyze and predict the trajectory and orbit of cube satellites when they are launched out of a spaceship. They needed a word logo that was futuristic, yet simple that would be used throughout their brand and product development.


To start, I always write out the company's name to see how the letters fit together visually with spacing, height, positive and negative space, and overall the structure of the word itself. After deconstructing the basic letter forms, I start to tie in what the brand's products or services are. In this case, Vision 2020 works with cube sats which have a basic square design and sometimes some solar panels with them. Luckily, a V is created pretty easily with a square and two panels coming off of the sides.

After lots of ideation and playing around with different concepts for the logo, I usually pick a few to refine for the word logo and the smaller icon for the brand. In Vision 2020's case, only a word logo was needed.


The first design on the image above was chosen for the final logo and after a few design tweaks, this was the final design: