Prospect Tracker for Investors, Accelerators, and Grants

A template to help you keep track of your investor, accelerator, and grant prospects.

Jul 2021

Fundraising is one of the most stressful things about starting and running an early-stage company.

Simply keeping track of your prospects when fundraising can really help take away at least some of the stress.


This template is pretty straightforward. It consists of 4 main sections; Prospect Details, Contact Info, Opportunity Details, and Notes.

Before we get started, the only other thing you might want to edit on this template is its second sheet, “Dropdown Values.” Here you can change what values show up in the drop downs in columns C “Type” and J “Stage.”

Prospect Details

This is where you enter all of the basic prospect info such as your contact’s name whether they are an angel or work at a VC.

Prospect Details

Contact Info

The contact info of your prospect along with their LinkedIn and/or Crunchbase or AngelList if they have one.

Contact Info

Opportunity Details

The general details about money, equity, applications, and deadlines for this prospect.

If you have less than a week left until the “Decision Date” and you haven’t “applied,” the row will turn red.

If you have less than a month left until the “Decision Date” and you haven’t “applied,” the row will turn yellow.

If the “Decision Date” has already passed and you haven’t “applied,” the Application and Decision Date will be crossed off.

Opportunity Details


This is where you can keep important notes about your prospect and keep track of what you talked about in your previous meeting.

If you have any questions, comments, or find an error in this template, please email me at hello(at)