Rebrand: Entrepreneur House

From a simple, black and white brand, to a retro feel with a modern design style.

Entrepreneur House
Feb 2020


For 2020 and beyond, Entrepreneur House was in need of a new brand and logos. The mission was simple, redesign a brand and logos that would be memorable and stand out for years to come. Throughout this process we developed an entirely new mission, purpose, values, colors, typography, and logos for Entrepreneur House.


Developing a brand from scratch is a slow process. You have to be meticulous about the details as the foundation of a brand will touch every face of the business and can make or break the business as a whole if the brand isn't well aligned.


First up, was the new logo. Here are some iterations that we went through before choosing a final design:

After sifting through all of the designs, we hoped into Sketch to design the final logo as this program often is quicker to use with straight lines and blocky designs:


During the logo development, we settled on Barlow for the primary typeface and IBM Plex Serif for the secondary typeface. Barlow is a sans-serif typeface that perfectly complements IBM Plex Serif which is a serif typeface.


Next up, colors. Choosing the right colors for a brand is crucial as certain colors evoke different emotions so its crucial to make sure your customer is subconsciously interpreting what you want them to be.


Last, but arguably the most important, messaging. Design heavily influences customers and investors, but if you don't have good messaging, your designs will go right down the drain. What you say to your customers and how you say it matters the most.

Here's Entrepreneur House's messaging. Simple and to the point:


“Accelerate entrepreneurs success.”


“Design, build, and provide tools that increase entrepreneur’s positive impact.”


  • Provide lasting value.
  • Cultivate community.
  • Solve long term problems.

Final Design Guidelines Booklet

To put all of our work together, we designed and built a design guidelines booklet. This is a simple way to quickly and throughouly understand a brand and how to design for it.