Startup Drive Folder Template

Keep your startup organized from day 1. Startups are messy, your file system doesn't have to be.

Startup File Management
Dec 2021
Get the Drive folder template here.

Businesses are complex entities. Keeping their files, photos, and more organized can become a nightmare.

Creating a good and flexible organization system for all of the things is crucial when you start a new business. It will save you hours of searching for files, photos, and more down the road.

This Google Drive folder template is made to cover a variety of business types including software, hardware, services, and more. It’s a master template for the entirety of your business.

In addition to the folders, there are additional helpful tools within some of the folders such as a financial model template and a brand guidelines template.

Let’s jump in to talk about how this master folder template is set up.

Folder Breakdown

Get the Drive folder template here.

This folder template is a high level structure for your Drive folder system. It contains the folders pictured above and a few sub folders within those main folders. You’ll need to add the necessary sub folders for your business.

There are three additional resources in this folder:

Document Template

This template is essentially a letter head. Simply right click on the logo at the top left to replace it with your logo and add your company name in the bottom left. Then you can copy it whenever you need a document layout.

More Tools

More Tools is a living document where I’ve been adding tools that I’ve found helpful in my career as an entrepreneur and that you might find helpful as well.

Template Index

You can find links to all of the templates I’ve made in the Template Index.

How to Copy the Entire Folder

In order to make your own copy of this entire Google Drive folder, you’ll need to follow these five steps:

  1. Right click on the “Startup Drive Folder Template” (The name at the top)
  2. Click “Add shortcut to Drive”

3. Search for “Startup Drive Folder Template” within your Google Drive

4. Right click on the shortcut folder, not the actual folder (shown below)

5. Choose “Make a copy”

You should now be able to find your own copy of this entire Drive folder within your personal Google Drive.

If you have any problems copying the folder or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me: hello(at)