January 25, 2023
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Pitch Deck Handbook: Ask Slide


The Ask Slide is where you present the details about your fundraise and what the investment money will help you accomplish. On this slide, you should include; the amount you are raising, the runway it provides, the raise details, and the milestones that you are going to achieve with this money. The Ask slide is located just before your Closing Slide.

Example of an ask slide

Purpose of the Ask Slide

Alright, this is the moment you’ve been building up to.

What do you need from the investors and what does the deal look like?

Why do you need it?

What are you going to accomplish with it?

The Ask Slide’s Purpose is to clearly present what you are asking for and give investors clarity on what their money will be going towards.

Info and Content to Include

Info and Content that should be included in the Ask Slide:

  • Raise Amount
  • Raise Type (SAFE, Convertible Note, Equity, etc)
  • Runway (the monthly runway provided with the raise)
  • If applicable with the selected raise type: Discount Rate, Interest Rate, and Valuation Cap
  • Milestones to be achieved with the money raised

Info and Content that can be included in the Ask Slide:

  • Minimum investment amount (the smallest check you are willing to accept per investor)

Ask Slide Location in a Pitch Deck


  • … > Ask > Closing > Index

Find more slides and learn more about the Pitch Deck Handbook here.

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