April 10, 2022
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Pitch Deck Handbook: Existing Solutions Slide


The Existing Solutions Slide shows how existing solutions/competitors fail to solve the problem(s) you mentioned. It should include; examples of current solutions/competitors along with how or why those solutions/competitors are failing to solve the problem. The Existing Solutions Slide typically comes after the Problem Slide or Why Now Slide.

Existing Solutions Slide Example

Purpose of the Existing Solutions Slide

The Existing Solutions Slide (Also can be related to a “Competitor” slide) aims to show how existing or competitor solutions are failing to solve the problem that you mentioned.

When thinking about existing solutions (competitors), you should be “broad.” For example, if you are building a new IoT door lock, your competitors aren’t only companies such as Ring, Nest, etc. but also the old fashion lock and key.

The purpose of the Existing Solutions Slide is to show how existing/competitor solutions are failing to solve the problem you mentioned.

Info and Content to Include

Can be included in the Existing Solutions Slide:
  • Examples of current solutions/competitors
  • Reasons as to why those current solutions/competitors are failing at solving the problem(s)
  • Competitor logos (if applicable)

Existing Solutions Slide Locations in a Pitch Deck

Potential Locations:
  • … > Why Now > Existing Solutions > Competitive Advantage > …
  • … > Why Now > Existing Solutions > Solution > …

Find more slides and learn more about the Pitch Deck Handbook here.

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