April 10, 2022
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Pitch Deck Handbook: Intro Slide


The Intro slide is where you introduce your business at a “mission statement” level in order to prime investors’ brains. It should include; your company name, logo, mission statement, and potentially contact info of the primary contact. This is the first slide in the deck...

Intro Slide Example

The Purpose of the Intro Slide

First things first, you need to prime investors brains for what you are about to present to them. The intro slide is where you do this right off the bat. It’s the first thing that investors will see that “represents” your company on the deck so make sure it grabs their attention.

The purpose of the Intro Slide is to set up the story of your deck.

Info and Content to Include

Should be included in the Intro Slide:
  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Mission statement
Can be included in the Intro Slide:
  • Primary contact - name
  • Primary contact - contact information

Intro Slide Location in a Pitch Deck

Find more slides and learn more about the Pitch Deck Handbook here.

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