January 5, 2019
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Building Early Stage Company Websites

You can build a website for your startup within a week that looks like it cost $10,000 to have built. Yes, you. Not only that, but you can build it with about $300 or potentially just $20 if you are a current student at a university. How? Webflow templates. I recommend using Webflow for 90% of people as long as they have basic experience with other editor interfaces such as Photoshop, Illustrator or even PowerPoint. Webflow is on the bleeding edge of no-code web design and continues to innovate faster than any of the other services trying to copy...

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Essential Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2020

Entrepreneurs love whiteboards. The tool that you might not have known you were waiting for, has come. Miro is the ultimate online whiteboarding, planning, task assigning, task accomplishing, and my personal favorite tool on this list. Miro has completely changed how we work at Friday Industries and Entrepreneur House. You can even pull in all of your documents from Google Drive, photos from Creative Cloud, and much more...

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How to Make Your Startup look like a Fortune 500 Company

Everyone loves great design whether they know it or not. At the core, design passively influences decision making which means that your designs can determine your business’s fate. Bold claim? Nope. Think about it like this: you are researching the best CMS software for your sales team and run across a startup that claims to have the best CMS product that has EVER been invented because of its advanced machine learning, AI, and (insert cliche startup tech here). BUT, their website, marketing materials, and branding look like they've hired an intern, blindfolded them, and promoted them to lead designer. Subconsciously, you’ve immediately judged the quality of this startup’s product as soon as you’ve seen how they present themselves through...

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